Kellie Julia
Candidate for Maine State Senate District 15

About Kellie

Hello, my name is Kellie Julia and I have lived in Maine my entire life. For the last 14 years my husband, daughter, 4 cats, and 2 dogs and I have resided on 3 Mile Pond in South China.

Being a small business owner I believe that opportunity for jobs and new job growth is a key component to our future stability and legacy in Maine. It plays a very important role in maintaining our next generations. Too many Mainers are graduating from college and moving out of state. When we encourage employers to headquarter and hire locally, we help to create a better economic environment for all of Maine. When we decrease the unemployment rate we increase the value in our labor market much like the stock market gains or looses value.

I was lucky enough to have been able to grow up and share lots of quality time with my grandparents. While attending college I helped care for my 93 year old grandfather. I watched the state take everything he owned to pay his medical bills even though he had worked for the railroad for 40+ years and paid into the system his entire life. Our senior citizen population holds some of the most valuable gifts of knowledge, wisdom and life skills for us to tap into. We need to take care of our elders not keep taking programs and assistance away from them. Without them we would not be here and one day we will be them!

A New Voice in Augusta

I am running for State Senate in District 15, and I believe I can do a much better job than my competition serving your interests in Augusta. Deciding to run for Senate came as a bit of a surprise to most who know me, being a very "non-politician" type person. But I feel it is time for real, honest, open minded, everyday people to step up and do what is in the interests of the majority of us all and not just for those few who hold a majority when it comes to money. I've had enough! Have you? Let's do this TOGETHER!

I am extremely open to opinions even if they differ from my own, if elected I will always fight and vote for what the majority of my constituents support. If I had to put a label on what type of candidate I would consider myself to be I guess I would be an open book nominee.

I strongly believe everyone's voice should be heard equally and to do that fairly I will be launching regular polls through Facebook on hot button issues in Maine. I look forward to meeting and getting to know as many district 15 constituents as possible in the years to come.

A Better Future for Our Families

During my senior year in high school I was a teen mom. I had held a job since the age of 14 and continued working while also managing school and a baby. With the support of my family, my sons family and The Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers, I successfully graduated high school, maintaining honors and went on to complete cosmetology school. As a single mom I worked as a cosmetologist in a wonderfully successful salon called Hair Reflections (which is still in Oakland Maine) for almost 10 years. In the early 90's I met my husband Dawson and in the late 90's I made the decision to attend college to pursue a career in education.

I was involved in the education profession for nearly 15 years, predominately in behavior modification. It's where my heart is. I had the privilege to work in the China Primary School, Chelsea Elementary School and for Child Development Services in Augusta. I believe teachers are a staple component to our community and its future. In many situations teachers spend much of their own money in their classrooms and more awake time with our children than we do, while making less than most professionals do. I hope you share my belief that we need to support our future leaders and their mentors.

In February 2017, after suffering with depression for many years and not finding adequate help, we lost my son to suicide. Our current leadership has defunded much of the mental healthcare system in our state. I intend to change that in the hopes to spare other families from this type of heartbreak.

On the Issues


I believe that we need to invest in our teachers and schools to better service our children. At times our kids spend more awake hours at school than at home, let's make it a positive experience for them!

The Environment

With Maine being one of the most costly places in the U.S. for energy use I feel that we need to really start leaning towards the utilization of green energy and give tax breaks to those who participate.

Caring for our Seniors

Our seniors need to be able to rely on services in our state to meet their needs instead of worrying about whether or not they can survive day to day.

Fair Taxes

Fair taxing should start at the bottom up, small businesses in Maine need help to flourish, the trickle down effect just doesn't work here. With lower taxes, more utilization of green energy and incentives for staying in Maine when our kids graduate from High School/College I feel that we can give them a reason to stay here, work here and raise their families here instead of leaving the state to find opportunity. Half of Maine's population is older than 43 years. No other state has a higher median age. We are losing our working age population.

Your Voice Will Be Heard

Kellie strongly believes much of what is broken in our government is due to constituents voices continually be ignored while lobbyists and special interest groups have their say. As a clean election candidate, Kellie does not and will not take payoffs from any lobbyists and instead will serve to protect the voice of her constituents in district 15. Constituent Preferred Representation (CPR) is a program Kellie created and is very proud of. CPR means whenever a hot button issue is up for a vote, willing participants of district 15 will have the opportunity to answer a email or phone survey to express their position. Survey results will be her vote on the senate floor.


Contact Kellie

(207) 272-3115